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Registration for the Academy or Jr. Academy is required before registering for trips. To register for trips, you should follow the same process as registering for the Academy or Jr. Academy. All teens must also complete a trip application, to be reviewed by the Department of Lifelong Learning. Teens should email to be sent an application.
7th Grade Day Out
Jews have called New York home for centuries, but the opportunities we have today are vastly different from those of our predecessors. Join Rabbi Melissa Buyer-Witman, Barry Shainker, and Sarah Stein as we explore the rich history of Jewish life in this great city that we call home.
Itinerary: Orientation, Interactive Lower East Side tour, Lunch, Broadway Matinee
8th Grade New Orleans Trip
Learn about the city of New Orleans, particularly systemic issues of food insecurity and racial inequality, longstanding issues that were only exacerbated by Hurricane Katrina. Join our new Assistant Rabbi and Sarah Stein as we experience the culture that makes New Orleans one of the most unique cities in America. We will meet with Jewish and non-Jewish residents to hear first-hand accounts of the history of this great city, as well as enjoying the music, food, culture, and atmosphere of New Orleans. Community service hours are available for this trip.
Itinerary: Lower 9th Ward, French Quarter, jazz concert, Gospel church service, community gardening, food bank volunteering, beignets, free time, other local attractions, and much, much more!
9th-12th Grade Israel Trip
Our itinerary will address the complexities of life in Israel. The word "Yisrael" means "to wrestle," and we will spend our trip celebrating the successes of the modern nation, addressing the problems it faces, and confronting the things that make us uncomfortable. Join Rabbi Melissa Buyer-Witman, Barry Shainker, and Sarah Stein, and our beloved tour guide Jonathan Goldstein, as we visit the famous tourist sites, engage with locals from multiple walks of Israeli society, and gain a deeper understanding about the complexities of life in Israel. At the end of the day, we strive to give our teens the knowledge and tools they need to feel confident when they face anti-Israel sentiment on their college campuses and in the broader world.
Itinerary: See the modern cites of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tiberias, and Haifa. Discover spiritual sites like the Western Wall, Tzfat, and Masada. Confront the challenges of past and present at Yad Vashem, the Old City, and the Golan Heights. Interact with Jewish and non-Jewish Israelis at the Bedouin tent, LGBTQ community center, and a Druze village.
9th Grade Civil Rights Journey 
Spend an unforgettable weekend as we visit Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma to see some of the most important sites in the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Join Barry Shainker as we talk about the role of the Jewish community and the impact of individuals who can and should make a difference in the word today. Community service hours are available for this trip.
Itinerary: Rosa Parks Museum, National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Names Project/AIDS Quilt, Martin Luther Kind Center, Edmund Pettus Bridge, Gospel church service, walking tour of Freedom Park and 16th Street Baptist Church, and much, much more!
10th-12th RAC Trip
Pray with your feet by advocating for important causes which are facing our world and our nation. Join Sarah Stein as we visit sites around Washington and learn about the issues being debated in Congress. You'll create a speech about an issue that matters to you and then deliver it to your elected leaders! Community service hours are available for this trip.
Itinerary: Holocaust Museum, National Mall, Smithsonian Institution, Georgetown, MLK Memorial, Capitol Hill, Halls of Congress, offices of elected leaders
7th Grade Day Out
Oct. 27, 2019
Chaperones: Rabbi Buyer-Witman, Barry Shainker, Sarah Stein
8th Grade New Orleans Trip
Jan. 16-20, 2020
Chaperones: Rabbi David Reinhart, Sarah Stein
Orientation: Dec. 9
Reunion/Post-Learning: Feb. 9
9th-12th Grade Israel Trip
Dec. 20-31, 2019
Chaperones: Rabbi Buyer-Witman, Barry Shainker
Orientation: Nov. 19
9th Grade Civil Rights Journey 
Feb. 27-Mar. 1, 2020
Chaperone: Barry Shainker
Orientation: Jan. 22
10th-12th RAC Trip
Feb. 28-Mar. 2, 2020
Chaperone: Sarah Stein
Orientation: Jan. 23
Mon, March 30 2020 5 Nisan 5780