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Shabbat Services are held each Friday evening at 6:00pm and on Saturday morning. See below for the Shabbat Service Sermon topics.

Friday evening Services are available to stream live. 

Torah Study: Saturdays from 9:15–10:15am. Each Shabbat, share in Rabbi Gelfand’s passion for Torah or, on occasion, learn special insights from one of our guest scholars. Make our ancient Bible and traditions come alive. No previous knowledge or Hebrew required. Hillel taught, “… the more Torah, the more life.” Come regularly, drop by now and again, or live stream us. There’s a cup of coffee, juice and a bagel and a Torah with your name on it. 

Saturday,  June 1 | B'chukota | Rabbi Gelfand | In the Middle of LIFE: "IF"

Friday, June 7 | TI Clergy & Shelon Low | Blue Jeans Shabbat & Summer Picnic

Saturday, June 8 | B'midbar | Rabbi Gelfand | The Importance of Being Counted

Sunday, June 9 | Shavuot Yizkor Service | Rabbi Stoloff | The Springtime of Memory

Friday, June 14 | Rabbi Gelfand | Why this Rabbi is Religiously Pro Choice

Saturday, June 15 | Naso | Rabbi Gelfand| The Art of Being a Blessing

Friday, June 21 | Rabbis Gelfand​ & Buyer-Witman, Guest: Rabbi Mike Moskowitz​​​​​​ | Being an LGBTQ "Ally" as Spiritual Practice

Saturday, June 22| B'haalot'cha | Rabbi Buyer-Witman | Murmuring, Whining, and Complaining...Oh My!

Friday, June 28 | Rabbi Stoloff | Across a River Into a New Land...

Saturday, June 29 | Sh'lach L'cha | Rabbi Stoloff​​ | Why We Wander: The Reason Behind the 40 Years, Then and Now

Thu, June 20 2019 17 Sivan 5779