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Lifelong Learning

It is not enough to only study Torah, but to BE TORAH! But to really be Torah, we need to find way to allow Judaism to speak to us and give us a foundation and direction for our life’s journey. Lifelong learning enriches our lives, encourages us to nurture our souls, immerse ourselves in the wonders of Jewish life, stimulate natural and intellectual curiosity about our tradition and culture, and participate in tikkun olam, or mending the broken pieces of our world. As Rabbi Hillel taught almost two millennia ago, “the more Torah, the more life.”
Lifelong learning at Temple Israel seeks to engage every learner of every age in Jewish Education. We view Jewish learning as a path to come together, to form relationships with teachers, fellow learners and texts and thereby allow Torah, in the broadest sense, to be our guide and support for own life’s journey, knowing full well that in this day and age, we never know where the journey of our life – or that of our children’s and grandchildren’s, nieces’ or nephews’ – will take us.
Jewish learning is an opportunity for every individual to feel they are integral part of our inclusive, creative and active congregation. We are synagogue community that is willing to excel as a vibrant energized center of Jewish learning and living and to allow Torah to speak to the hearts, minds and souls of our members. As a congregation that invests in a serious and sophisticated program of Lifelong learning. we embrace a thoughtful vision that reflects the best of our congregation with its warmth and inclusivity, yet will also lead us to engage in learning to deepen our knowledge and commitment to leading full, meaningful lives as serious Jews.
Knowing this, Temple Israel aims to provide formal, informal, intergenerational and experiential opportunities for learning. In unique and diverse settings, we will foster collaboration and social connectedness among our students of all ages, hoping to provide a warm and nurturing community in which to learn and grow. We will ensure our educators have substantial resources and that with our help they will achieve the highest level of expertise among educators in our community. We will boldly experiment with new models of education, aiming to be an inspiration to other congregations and more importantly we will offer each one of our members an opportunity to be moved and transformed by Jewish education throughout the seasons of their lives.
About our Programs
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