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Hello Gorgeous: The Entertainer @ The Streicker Center

The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center offers special events to challenge, inspire, and engage. We are proud to collaborate and partner for various Streicker Center Events - especially chosen for you!

The lights dim, the piano player begins tickling the keys and she emerges in all her glory, the perfect pitch, the self-deprecating humor, the occasional bit of Brooklyn shtick. For a moment, you might forget that you’re not watching Barbra Streisand but Steven Brinberg.
Brinberg is no lip-synching campy impersonator. He embodies Streisand with his own voice—and he’s been doing so for more than a decade across the US and England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Mexico and Spain. He has performed with Marvin Hamlisch, composer of “The Way We Were,” appeared in the last benefit production of Funny Girl with Whoopi Goldberg and embodied this favorite character at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center . . . and now at the Streicker Center.

Tuesday, March 17, 7:00PM
$25 per person

In recognition of the deeply personal and often complex nature of identity, we strive to create a community that supports a person’s journey of self-discovery. Addressing a person by their correct pronoun is one way to show our respect.

Tell me more!
If Alex's pronouns are She/Her/Hers, you might say "There's Alex, let's say hi to her."
If Alex's pronouns are They/Them/Theirs, you might say "There's Alex, let's say hi to them."
Other frequently used pronouns are He/Him/His and Ze/Hir/Hirs (pronounced "zee"/"here"/"heres").
But, these are not the only options. The best thing to do is to ask!

Sun, February 16 2020 21 Sh'vat 5780