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Camp Chaverim

Located in the Early Childhood Learning Center at Temple Israel, Camp Chaverim offers a nurturing, creative and unique early camp experience in separated and non-separated options. Groups spend time forming friendships, exploring new concepts and environments, bonding with their teachers and having fun! Campers enjoy outdoor water play on our rooftop playgrounds. Specialists lead campers in a variety of activities such as sports, music, and special performances. Our faculty is led by certified Early Childhood educators, who each bring their own expertise, personality and sense of adventure to our program. Join in the fun!

Contact Camp Chaverim at or 212-249-5001.

Non-separated Programs
For children born March 2017 through October 2018
Click here to download Non-Separated Registration Form

Tiny-Campers Music Class
1-day: 9:15-10:00am, Tuesday. Birthdates January 1, 2018—October 31, 2018.
A minimum enrollment of 2 consecutive weeks is required.
Rate per week: Members $25, Non-Members $30
An experienced, talented music teacher will lead this class in a variety of songs engaging children through movement, instruments, and other creative materials. The class is designed to give both children and adults opportunities to make new friends, while learning new skills in a fun “camp-like” atmosphere.

My Special Person & Me and Beginning Campers are great introductions to any early childhood program they may do in the fall. Campers and an adult enjoy free-play and open learning opportunities in the classroom in areas like dress-up, blocks, and other learning toys. They participate in a number of creative arts & crafts projects, and enjoy specials like music, sports, and celebrating Shabbat.

My Special Person & Me
2-days: 9:30-11am, Mondays & Fridays. Birthdates August 1, 2017—December 31, 2017
A minimum enrollment of 2 consecutive weeks is required.
Rate per week: Members $165, Non-Members $190

Beginning Campers
3-days: 9:30-11:30am, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays.
Birthdates March 1, 2017—August 31, 2017
A minimum enrollment of 2 consecutive weeks is required.
Rate per week: Members $300, Non-Members $340.

Separated Programs
For children born on or before February 2017
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Options A – D are our most popular programs, with fun, creative activities planned each day based on weekly themes. Campers enjoy daily specials like music, sports, and entertaining performers. Each day they go outside to our rooftop playgrounds, directly accessible from the classroom, where we set up sprinklers and baby pools for campers to play in the water. We recognize that separation is an individual process, and will encourage gentle and gradual separation. Teachers work with parents and caregivers to best meet the needs of each child.

Option A
3-days: 9am-12pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
Birthdates May 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017
A minimum enrollment of 3 consecutive weeks is required.
Rate per week: Members $470, Non-Members $520

Option B
5-days: 9am-12pm, Monday – Friday
Birthdates November 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016
A minimum enrollment of 3 consecutive weeks is required.
Rate per week: Members $605, Non-Members $670

Option C
5-days: 9am-1pm Monday-Thursday; 9am-12:10pm Friday
Birthdates May 1, 2015 – November 30, 2015
A minimum enrollment of 2 consecutive weeks is required.
Rate per week: Members $645, Non-Members $705

Option D, Mini-Trippers
5-days: 9am-2pm Monday-Thursday; 9am-12:10pm Friday
Birthdates September 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015
Rate per week: Members $685, Non-Members $730
In addition to daily fun at Camp Chaverim, campers in this program will enjoy one to two local field trips per week on the Upper East Side and Central Park! It runs June 3-21

Day Trippers
5-days: 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday; 9am-12:10pm Friday
For children entering Kindergarten Fall 2019
Rate per week: Members $730, Non-Members $785
Day Trippers enjoy exploring NYC every day! Highlights from the past include a Circle Line Boat Cruise, the Staten Island Children’s Museum, a concert in Madison Square Park, the Bronx Zoo, Queens Museum of Science, and swimming lessons each week. The campers travel by school bus, public transportation, and walking, and we have a plenty of staff to hold hands. It’s the highlight of every camper’s summer, and a perfect “in between” camp for those who will attend other camps later in the summer. It runs June 3-21.

See what parents are saying about Camp Chaverim

“My daughter LOVED Camp Chaverim. It’s months later, and she is still talking about her wonderful, warm teachers, her friends and the different activities she did. The magician was a highlight, and she loved yoga, sports, music, etc…The classrooms are so inviting and having the outdoor space for water play so accessible is a huge plus. We are all excited for her to return next summer!”
-Parent of Beginning Camper

“Our twins loved their camp experience at Camp Chaverim – the diversity of fun activities, from music to yoga, art and soccer, among others really made each day special. The wonderful, warm, caring teachers were truly amazing and delightful – a very memorable summer indeed for our children.”
– Parent of Option A Camper

“Camp Chaverim has been a great way to keep our daughter familiar with the ECLC during the summer. I’m very confident that her positive summer camp experience will help with the transition to nursery school this fall.”
– Parent of Option A Camper

“My daughter had a wonderful experience at Camp Chaverim. Attending a different preschool, I was worried about her not knowing any other children and having difficulty making friends. The teachers were extremely helpful in integrating my daughter into the group. She loved the classroom so much that she didn’t want to leave when the summer ended!”
– Parent of Option C Camper

“Day Trippers was awesome! It is exactly the reason we are raising our families in NYC: for experiences, for culture, for the incredible access. The excitement on my son’s face when we told him where he was going each day was priceless, and then we loved hearing him explain how his day went! I’d absolutely recommend this program to anyone!”
– Parent of Day Tripper

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