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Preparing for B’nei Mitzvah

How to learn a prayer:
1. Take out your prayer and Turn on the recording. Listen to three words always following along with your finger!
2. Listen to three words and repeat out loud after the recording. Do this step 2‐3 times!
3. Listen to the recording and sing along. Do this three times.
4. Try doing it without the recording. Listen to the recording and check if you did it correctly.
5. If you can sing the three words without the recording it’s time to move on to the next three words and do this same routine again!

“Bootcamp” Pacing Chart:
Week 1: Kiddush
Week 2: V’ahavta
Week 3: Avot v’Imahot
Week 4: Gevurot
Week 5: Torah Blessings
Week 6: Haftorah Blessings
Week 7: Mourner’s Kaddish
Week 8: one‐on‐one assessments with Rabbi Buyer‐Witman

Aleinu Text
Aleinu Recording

Avot v’lmahot Text
Avot v’lmahot Recording

Friday Night Kiddush Text
Friday Night Kiddush Recording

Gevurot Text
Gevurot Summer Recording
Gevurot Winter Recording

Haftorah Blessing Text
Haftorah Blessing – Before Recording
Haftarah Blessing – After Recording

Mah Tovu Text
Mah Tovu Recording

Mourner’s Kaddish Text
Mourner’s Kaddish Recording

Torah Blessing Text
Torah Blessing – Before
Torah Blessing – After

V’ahavtah Text
V’ahavtah Recording

Yotzeir Or Text
Yotzier Or Recording

Aliyah Blessings PDF

Mon, March 30 2020 5 Nisan 5780