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Adult Education... Never too Late for Learning!

Turn it, and turn it, for everything is in it. Reflect on it and grow old and gray with it. Do not budge from it, for there is nothing better."
(Pirkei Avot 5:22)
Events at Temple Israel
TI Page Turners
A Book Club open to all who love to read, engage in lively discussion, and force community with like-minded readers! Facilitated by Patti Sayre, Clinical Social Worker, Licensed School Psychologist, and values TI teacher for many years!
When? Second Friday of every month, 9:15-10:30AM
Torah Study
Our ancient stories explore the richness of science, history, philosophy, ritual, and ethics. Included are stories of individuals, families, wars, slavery, and more. Virtually no subject is taboo for Torah. Join TI Clergy and share in their passion for Torah - the lens through which the Jewish people view their world and their God.
When? Every Saturday, 9:15-10:15AM
No dress code and lots of coffee and bagels!
URJ Introduction to Judaism
Offered in partnership with the Union for Reform Judaism for anyone interested in exploring Judaism - singles, interfaith couples, those considering conversion, and Jewish looking for adult-level basics. Introduces the fundamentals of Jewish thought and practice: Jewish holidays and life cycle events, theology and prayer, Israel, and history.
Fall Class Tuesdays 6:30-8:30PM, November 5 - March 17 Register
Spring Class Tuesdays 6:30-8:30, April 21 - August 18 Register
The Healing Circle
For those reeling from a loss, struggling with an illness, or for those worried about loved ones. For those that feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders or for those that simply need to experience calm and kindness in what feels like a very dark time. You are not alone, we can move through pain, struggle, and hurt togehter. Healing and hope awaits you, join Rabbi Buyer-Witman and Cantor Altshul.
When? Thursdays October 17, November 21, December 19, January 16, February 13, March 19, April 1, May 21, June 8, 6:00-7:00PM
Adult B'nai Mitzvah is for YOU!
Dreaming of your own moment at the Torah? Feel like you missed out when you were a teen? Wish you could do it again? It's never too late to read from our most precious and sacred text! Interested adults with basic decoding skills should contact Cantor Irena Althul.
Israel 101: The Past, The People, The Politics!
Traveling to Israel with us or on your own? Thinking about it in the not-so-distant future? Been there and confused? Or maybe you just want to know more! Join your TI Clergy for 3 sessions exploring Israel's history, language, culture, and of course, the ever-changing politics. Israeli snacks served, too! Come to one of all!
When? Mondays, November 18, 25, and December 2, 6:30-8:00PM
Events at the Streicker Center
The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center offers special events to challenge, inspire, and engage. We are proud to collaborate and partner for various Streicker Center Events - especially chosen for you!

I Get Angry. Rebecca Traister: One the Power of Women's Anger
Traister urges women to reject the stereotype that anget isn't ladylike and to embrace its power to help rid the world of sexual harassment, attacks on reproductive rights, pay disparities, double standards, and more!
When? Wednesday, December 4, 6:30PM
David Broza & Friends: Live in Concert
Join us for a concert experience rife with flamenco rhythms, whirlwind fingerpicking, and passion for peace, delivered in Hebrew, Spanish, English, and Arabic. Come see for yourself why this Israeli superstar has become an international sensation with a string of multi-platinum albums and collaborations who span the globe!
When? Thursday, December 19, 8:00PM

The wise Rabbi Ben Bag Bag urged us to seek all that we need in our sacred Torah scrolls; that each time we turn the scroll we are exposed to new learning that will inspire, challenge and ultimately transform our lives indefinitely. Jewish learning was meant to be reflective, with purpose and with seriousness, and it was most assuredly not limited to the young. No, according to this text, as we grow old, grey even, The study of Torah, is to remain a fundamental cornerstone of our lives.
Temple Israel is a highly motivated community ready to engage each member, regardless of age in Jewish learning. Learning is valued for the meaning and relevance it can and should bring to an individual’s life and just as the Torah itself has no end, learning permeates in every corner of this synagogue and beyond. The members of this community invested in learning as a lifelong endeavor, prioritizing learning for every individual, saying farewell to the mundane lectures of yesterday and hello to an engaging and life-enhancing program of study for all!
We know the texts of our tradition ring true. Turning the Torah over and over- we can find everything we need. We know that each time we participate in a meaningful learning experience, whether it be reading a Jewish story to our child, attending a parenting course that uses the wisdom of our tradition to help inform our choices, pouring of the weekly sidra or Torah portion on a Shabbat morning, or finding ourselves debating the points of the rabbi’s sermon over Shabbat dinner, we are moved to engage deeper.
Here at Temple Israel, Adult learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. We invite you – encourage you to see Jewish learning as an opportunity to nurture you soul, immerse yourself in the wonders of Jewish life, stimulate your natural and intellectual curiosity about our tradition and culture, and participate in tikkun olam, or mending the broken pieces of our world.
Each year we offer formal, informal, intergenerational and experiential opportunities for learning. In unique and diverse settings we will foster collaboration and social connectedness among our students of all ages, hoping to provide a warm and nurturing community in which to learn and grow.
No time like the present… No day but today… Look to the right and see what awaits you, we saved you a seat!
Sun, January 19 2020 22 Tevet 5780